Sascha Mikloweit - NL010.01 ME


Artist: Sascha Mikloweit
Sheet size: W 42 x H 59.4 cm
Artwork size: W 25 x H 34,5 cm
Dated: 2020
Series: N_O_N_L_I_N_E_A_R
Signature: Signed right bottom corner
Numbered: Left bottom corner 2 / 5
Edition: 5
Availability: 4
Technique: Archival pigment ink print
Medium: Archival paper
Certificate of authenticity: Included
Frame: Not included, optional
Publisher: MUETOS Gallery
Image rights: © MUETOS Gallery

Condition: Excellent

About this work:
This mesmerizing print is part of Mikloweit's 'Nonlinear' series which he’s been evolving since 2014 as part of his larger framework 'New Ambiguity' (2012–ongoing). The focus of 'Nonlinear' is on the conceptual space between representational and non- representational art and the US military medal system. In an edition of five prints only Mikloweit produced this sought-after work exclusively for Muetos Gallery.
With the 'Nonlinear' series Mikloweit comments on the broader genre of the stripe painting and draws a direct line from there to digital representation files of the US military medal ribbon system. The system becomes his raw material, with results of stunningly radiating fine art prints of popping colours.
Conceptually, 'Nonlinear' instigates a swift destabilisation of representational and non- representational artistic notions alike and shifts both into a new space that of an endless, brain freezing neither-nor loop: The space of a 'New Ambiguity'.
'New Ambiguity' is acts of speculative brutalism rooted in a rationale between Sturtevant and the Situationist International. If you're interested in learning more about Mikloweit's ‘New Ambiguity’ visit his online exhibition GWOTEM2013: gwotem_2013 and read this thoughtful essay by late scholar Jan Sieber: http://


Sascha Mikloweit studied philosophy and history at the University of Munster (WWU), Fine Arts at the Art Academy Munster and the Art Academy Dusseldorf with Georg Herold, before completing his MA Fine Arts at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, UK.
His practice involves multi-layered, process-oriented research across a spectrum of media manifestations, which decidedly blur the boundaries of traditional and novel fields including sculpture, graphics, sound art, photography, happening, performance, media art and digital art.
Employing a modus operandi that perceives its social, historical and architectural environment, Sascha Mikloweit creates complex, experiential, immersive settings, whose post-conceptual vantage point frequently open up a zone of dialogue between the physical interior-exterior and the virtual realm.
He’s currently artistic research fellow within the one year long framework of the Annual Artis-In-Residence Program at the Museum of Mineralogy of the University of Bonn 2019 /20.
Sascha Mikloweit has shown in international solo exhibitions and group shows, including Copernicus Science Center, Warsaw, Poland; ESOC – European Space Operations Centre, ESA, Darmstadt, Germany; Museum of Applied Arts Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany; Museum of Applied Arts Berlin, Berlin, Germany; 7th Liverpool Biennale/ Static Galerie, Liverpool, United Kingdom; Associação Brasileira de Empresários de Diversões, São Paulo, Brasil; Platoon Kunsthalle, Seoul, South Korea; Alongside 13th and 14th Istanbul Biennale, Istanbul, Turkey; Goehte Institute, Warsaw,Poland; SFTF ProjectSpace Vienna, Austria; Bargehouse, London, United Kingdom.
Sascha Mikloweit’s work is held in public and private collections in Europe and North America. He lives and works in Berlin.